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Imaginary Trip

ENXPL (Enmossed ✖︎ Psychic Libelation (2021.8)


Released from ENXPL, a collaborative label between Enmossed and Psychic Liberation.

It is a collage of sounds of things that I made with a playful mind to make people feel as if they were traveling in Japan in their imaginations at least during the time when they cannot travel due to the covid-19.

Side A (I) is a piece of music inspired by the sounds of things, made up of processed sounds with minimal phrases added.The B-side II is a deconstructed version of the A-side.

The sounds of things are used to express scenes that might happen, such as falling asleep twice after setting many alarms to avoid oversleeping, panicking over losing a ticket, or being strangely bothered by other noises when you should be quiet.

In the first song, a woman sings, "おい!. It means "Hey! This is a tsukomi (a kind of comedy). In fact, there are many attempts to make you laugh with sounds in this album. I would be very happy if you could notice and enjoy its comicality.


EnmossedとPsychic LiberationのコラボレーベルENXPLよりリリース。









Ambient & Experimental Music 

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