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Damage Plot

America. A middle-aged man had a feeling. He had a bad feeling about this. He had been suffering from mental illness for many years. But now he had no medicine for his chronic illness.

He had been suffering from it for so many years that he had let his guard down. He thought he didn't need to take the medicine. But the lack of medication made him start to doubt things.

On the spur of the moment, he went to his doctor's clinic, but the doctor was away on vacation. He curses, but then has a panic attack.

Unable to get the medication, he is trapped and calls the suicide prevention
service just in case. But his hands are shaking and he can't turn the dial

As the night wears on, he becomes more and more mentally overwhelmed, and in the midst of the storm, he picked up his gun and headed for the sea. He puts a single bullet in the gun and tries to play Russian roulette...What will happen to him?


アメリカ ある中年男性は、ある予感がしていた。嫌な予感が。彼は長年、精神疾患を患っていた。しかし、今、彼の手元にはその持病を治す薬がなかった。





Ambient & Experimental Music 

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